Signature Fire Blanket (DSZFG0.5)

Signature Fire Blanket

Signature Fire Blanket
Fiberglass Is A Material Consisng Of Numerous Extremely Fine Fibers Of Glass. Glass Fiber Is Formed When Thin Strands Of Silicabased Or Other Formulaon Glass Is Extruded Into Many Fibers With Small Diameters Suitable For Texle Processing. These Are Useful Because Of Their High Rao Of Surface Area To Weight. However, The Increased Surface Area Makes Them Much More Suscepble To Chemical Aack.
Woven From Glass Fiber Texturized Yarn Upon Shule Looms To Produce Required Size. Fiberglass Cloth Is Used As Heat Insulang Material And An Excellent Substute For Asbestos Cloth. It Is Widely Applied As Insulaon Of So Or Hard Tubes, Heat Insulaon Covering Of Heater And Cooler, Fire Resistant Shell, Other Insulaon Protecng Covering And Insulaon Of Watercra Equipment Because Of Its Brilliant Characteriscs Of High Intensity, Low Density And Good Insulaon. Manufactured By Us Offers The Best Control Over Thickness, Weight And Strength Of All Forms Of Fiberglass Texles. This Cloth Include Properes Like High Tensile Strength, Dimensional Stability, High Heat Resistance, Fire Resistance, Good Thermal Conducvity, Durability, Etc.
Fiberglass Is Widely Used In Various Applications Like Mats, Thermal Insulaon, Electrical Insulaon, Sound Insulaon, Reinforcement Of Various Materials, Tent Poles, Sound Absorpon, Heat- And Corrosion Resistant Fabrics, High-Strength Fabrics, Pole Vault Poles, Arrows, Bows And Crossbows, Translucent Roofing Panels, Automobile Bodies, Hockey Scks, Suroards, Boat Hulls, And Paper Honeycomb. It Has Been Used For Medical Purposes In Casts. Moreover, It Is Extensively Used For Making FRP Tanks And Vessels.
Available For Silicon Coated, Graphite Coated, PTFE Coated, Rubber Coated, Vermiculite Coated, Alumina Coated & Europeans Vermiculite Coated Cloth…..

List of Signature Fire Blanket (DSZFG0.5)

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