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Details of Signature Ceramic Fiber Cloth ( DSZCF3.0)

Ceramic cloth is a specialized material typically made from ceramic fibers woven together to form a flexible fabric-like structure. It combines the thermal resistance and durability of ceramics with the flexibility of textiles, making it suitable for a variety of industrial applications where high-temperature resistance and mechanical strength are crucial.

Key Characteristics and Uses:

High Temperature Resistance: Ceramic cloth can withstand extremely high temperatures, often up to 2300°F (1260°C) or higher, depending on the specific type of ceramic fibers used.

Low Thermal Conductivity: It has low thermal conductivity, meaning it can effectively insulate against heat transfer.

Chemical Resistance: Ceramic cloth is generally resistant to most chemicals, making it suitable for environments where corrosive substances are present.

Mechanical Strength: While flexible, ceramic cloth exhibits good mechanical strength and can be used to reinforce other materials.


Insulation: Used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing for insulation against heat.

Fire Protection: It is employed in fireproofing applications where fire resistance and heat insulation are required.

Gasketing: Often used in gaskets and seals due to its ability to withstand high temperatures and pressure.

Welding Protection: Used as welding curtains or blankets to shield from sparks and molten metal splatter.

Forms: Available in various forms such as tapes, ropes, blankets, and sheets, catering to different application needs.

Ceramic cloth finds use in environments where traditional textiles would degrade or fail under extreme heat or chemical exposure. Its ability to provide thermal insulation while maintaining flexibility makes it a valuable material in demanding industrial settings.

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Signature Ceramic Fiber Cloth ( DSZCF3.0)

Signature High Temperature Heat Resistant Ceramic Fiber ClothDescriptionSignature Ceramic Fiber Cloth Is Manufactured By Ceramic Fiber Yarn, Reinforced By Glass Fiber Or Stainless Steel Wire.Signature Ceramic Fiber Cloth Can Be Made Into Ceramic Fiber Cloth Covered Aluminum Foil, Ceramic Fiber Cloth Coated Vermiculite And Ceramic Fiber Cloth With PTFE According To Customer Requirements. Standard Specification: Width: 25-2000mm              &nbs... Read more
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